Tulin is the greatest city known to HoE. This city houses refugees of all the nearby realms, even including individuals from the less friendly races.

The city is situated on top of a shaped mountain, with a great cloud surrounding the edges of the mountain, giving the inhabitants the impression that the city floats on clouds. Furthermore, the buildings of the city is built by its inhabitants with materials from different places around the world.

The rulers of this metropolis are six Destined Ones. These rulers try not to shape the city too much, rather allowing its inhabitants to construct and run the everyday life of the city. The six claim that they do this to observe how the Lessers deal with life in the world, and to learn more without too much interferring. Each of the six have taken on different projects within the city, giving rise to six different philosophical districts named after their creators.

The district of Ka the Ancient
This district is dedicated to education, but have a special emphasis on Spirits and the Dread by the wishes of Ka.

District of Huy the Builder
The focus of this district is on building and crafting.

District of Lun the Wise
This district is the smallest of the six, and harbors many of the mystics and arcane artisans of the city.

Fightsquare by Malice the Brawler
This square sits in the entrance to the city and houses the many barracks and soldiers that occasionally protects the city and wage war against races that would see the city razed.


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