The Dread

The Dread is the name for the Wilderness in HoE. Lessers are inclined to stay away from the Dread because of the extremely hazardous enviroment. It covers most areas of the world, excepting a few pockets of controlled civilization.

The nature of the Dread is difficult to explain. Some sages compare it to a sleeping person, some call it latent matter and some call it madness unending. The latter comparison is probably the most fitting. It is proven beyond doubt that The Dread is unending by the Deva calling himself Ka the Ancient. His introductory chapter in the book “The Dread Lands”, serves as a good description.

“I walked. For centuries I walked. I walked in no footsteps, and into lands that never had been imagined. The further I walked, the less the lands cared of my walking. I shaped the deserts into water and forests into plains. The land was eager to take shape, even begging for it after a while. I shaped and walked for decades, but after a while the lands did not know what shape was and struggled to acknowledge my very being. For decades, even centuries my only struggle was to hold on to my own being in a vast sea of oblivion. Yet still I walked, until one day I felt alone. My lessers was all gone, their joyful little lifes whiffed out by the bleakness of the Dread. I could still go on, but loneliness is no companion for a Destined One. I had seen too many of my kind descend into their own ego discovering the madness within. In many ways this walk was a walk into my own being where I discovered the ocean of nothingness within myself.”

In “The Dread Lands” Ka describes the Dread as raw potential of his own mind. Like many of the Destines Ones he grows more and more convinced that he is the center of the world, making the latter part of the book a testimony to his own greatness. However he does observe that the Dread has something that he has no control over. Namely that of the Spirits or ghosts of old. After his return to Tulin he trains an entire school of Lessers into what now is known as the School of Ka.

The Dread

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