Lessers are simply people that are not Destined Ones. Lessers are thought to be spirits that wander into matter in some shapes or another. Lessers are usually confused beings that end up harming the shaped world, and are the byproduct of shapings by a Destined One. It is speculated that Lessers are spirits from the spiritworld that takes the shape of matter, and is considered to be a fault in a Destined Ones design. Lessers mimics the appearance of their shaper in some degree.

In civilized lands, lessers have been cultivated over many centuries and have developed into shapes that is almost identical to the Destined One whose rule they live under. Lessers are usually considered a nuisance by most Destined Ones, but some scholars have embraced the lessers and seeked to educate and cultivate them. In some situations lessers have been known to become the lovers of Destined Ones. Progeny of these unions have created new races called angels, demons, devils and many other strange manifestations. In some rare cases a new Destined One is created.

Lessers are categorized into races, depending on the Destined One that created them. Here is a list of the more common races:

-Goblins, by a Destined One called Gob and his ten children Destined Ones. Gob is obsessed by spawning more Destined Ones and tries to accomplish this by breeding with as many Goblins as he can. The empire of Gob is crammed with Goblins fighting from birth for the right to breed with Gob.
-Kobolds, by a Destined One called Kob. Kob is a sleeper, and seldom awakens. He lies inside a mountain named after himself and shapes hundreds of Kobolds every day simply by dreaming of their existence. Kobolds behave as malevolent children that worship Kob as a god.
-Orcs, by a Destined One called Orsh. Orsh is a harsh ruler that thrives in torturing the Lessers and amuses himself in seeing them fight against other lessers. Either in the arena or the battlefield. Orsh has crafted the homeland of the Orcs into a desolate swamp filled with monsters and terrors.
-Elves, created by Ele, lives in the great forest of Elethinda. Ele has cultivated the elves for milleniums, sculpting each elf to what he considers a perfect shape.
-Humans, created by Hume, is an evermoving tribe of many thousands. They are known as people of discovery.
-Dwarves, created by Dwor, lives in a great system of caves shaped by Dwor. They are industrious and brave, known for their valor and chivalry.
-Gnomes, created by Gnosin, are a shifting race. Gnosin has shaped the land of the gnomes into other realms, interconnected by a network of portals known as The maze of Gnosin.


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